Ways to decorate your home like an artist

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Oct 4, 2018
ways to decorate your homw

Ways to decorate your home like an artist.

Are you in search of ways and solutions to turn your home into a work of art? The ideas that we will be talking about today, are bound to make your home shine like a winner. These tricks are picture-perfect and fail-proof. So, let us get started with your home.

Use the technique of repeating lines and colours.

You can choose a wall art with strong white and black graphic pictures. The art will end up bringing the room into focus. It doesn’t matter if you have the presence of bright and vibrant colours in your room as this form of art will always look great in a room.

Create what your room lacks.

More than often people complain about how they miss the view of the sea or the lush green mountains every time they glance out through the windows. We have the perfect way to help you out. What will happen if you create one for yourself? If your kitchen doesn’t have a window right above the sink here is what you should do. Place a beautiful scenery along with a couple of paintings at the place where the window should have been. Choose a simple frame. This will help to set the tone and mood of the room. The blend of blues, golds, greens and pastels is what you will have.

Normal is boring.

If you want your bedroom to have the lazy, loose and casual style look then begin from the centre of the wall and spread out. Create a wall that looks similar to a gallery in every way possible. You don’t have to put it up in a haphazard way. All you have to do is pick a colour or theme that is overarching. For example, you can go for the botanical theme in tan, black and white. Choose one or many of your choice and match it with the shade of the room. The size of the paintings can vary, but make sure the frame is of the same shade.

Don’t leave any blank spaces.

Pick art to play with the scales of your room. For example, if you have chairs in your living room apart from the sofa sets. You can place pictures of your choice above it. Fill in every blank or empty place in your house with portraits in oil painting. The muted and bland colours of the portraits will go with the furniture in your room and look extremely eye-pleasing.

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Embrace what is different.

Art is not bound to a specific kind or object. Anything and everything can be treated as art. So, pick pieces that go with your space, furniture and shade of the room. It will help to add both patina and texture. You can use wood that has dried in the scorching sun as wall art. A variety of different plants can work too. Place them on the mantle or anywhere that needs the touch of greenery.

Mix the different time periods together.

When you bring together the new and old, you get unique in return. Your furniture can include French-designed chairs from the seventeenth century, console of Mexican origin, cocktail tables and so much more. You can use a pastel shade rug to add some texture to the room. Vase that has been hand painted can go at the corner of the room. Throw in some multi-colour cushions. Don’t forget lamps of authentic designs. And, voila you will have to yourself a room that is brimming with life, colour and beauty.

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Textures and the fun of using them.

Who said that only bright and vibrant colours bring life to a room? For the perfect impact use different textures. It is not only fun but thrilling too. Dial down the colour and bring aesthetic value to your room by using pattern and texture of the same shade. Apply this on both your walls and floor.

Wall hanging.

A dull and boring room can start to look lively if you add the right wall hanging to it. This wall hanging can be bold and flashy. It will end up adding the character and texture that your room was lacking so far. Even you can use the custom backdrops to make your home look beautiful. For Custom Backdrops and other photography accessories, visit Backdropsource. Best Place to Buy Photography Accessories in Australia.

Go vertical.

Don’t miss out the areas in between the windows. A wall that has always been overlooked can now be the centre of attraction. Your narrow and confined space can now look more elongated and eye-catching. To add the twist to your rooms, place a painting that is slightly wider than the rest. You can choose four to five paintings in black and white with a simple wooden frame.

Oversized is in.

If you have one oversized piece in your sitting room, it will make the statement your room was in need of. Not only will it be grand to look at but it will also save a lot of your money. Choose a simple art from Da Vinci’s collection. Your spotless white living room will get the ultimate feel and look it needed.

When you look at your own home, it should look like you have always imagined it to be. Pretty, sophisticated and comfortable. Hold the reins of designing your own home, and you will see the magic you are capable of doing.