Things You Should Know About Your Business Agreement

ByAdmin eaii

Jul 13, 2016

Business agreements can be very tricky to handle. One needs to be very careful before entering into one. Possibly, before signing any business agreement, you need a lawyer or an attorney to help you make various interpretations.

Here are some of the things to consider before entering into any business agreement:-

  1. a) Nature Of The Business;
    This entails what the business is all about. Before signing a business contract you need to know all activities that will be carried out within the company. This is necessary because not all businesses conform to one’s expectations and goals. Different people have different goals and how they want to achieve them is highly determined by the nature of the business they engage in. By employment lawyers
  2. b) Contribution.
    The next thing you need to know is the amount of input you are required to put in. This is determined by what each partner is bringing in to the business, in terms of cash, physical property or intellectual inputs. In terms of cash input, partners can decide to share the cost equally or contribute as per capabilities in different percentages.
  3. c) Partners Responsibilities;
    A company is made up many components. It has various arms. In order to allocate all duties equally and fairly, there has to be a well laid out routine for all stakeholders and partners. This helps in bringing in efficiency and accountability in running a business. So you might be better to consult settlement agreement solicitors
  4. d) Monetary Distribution;
    on this one, you need to be able to answer these questions-: Will partners ever get re-paid for the investments they put in, if so, when? How will the salaries be paid to workers? What percentages will be shared annually or monthly by directors and what amount will be channeled back to run the business after monthly or annual audit? You and your partners should be in agreement about the ways the money should be allocated among the owners.
  5. e) Dissolution;
    It is a topic that is highly avoided. No one wants to talk about it. But it is extremely important to discuss at the beginning of the business relationship. This applies when partners wish to fall apart after certain duration in running a business. This might be contributed by disagreements by the partners, sale of the business or mutual consent on the closure of the business. The best time to figure out exit strategies is at the beginning when everyone is working to make the business take shape.

Why should you have a lawyer draft your business contract or agreement?